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Client Testimonials

“Mr. Cassidy’s expertise and professionalism added great value to my case. It is clear that he has a deep connection with making sure individuals are fairly represented, whether they are employees, nurses, disabled, minority, or otherwise.

Mr. Cassidy is involved in a number of areas of law, which ultimately benefits his clients, and keeps his practice current and competitive. He was flexible in his scheduling, had great availability, and was easy to get a hold of.

Mr.Cassidy knew when to speak when I was at a loss for words, knew when to turn the heat up when the need arose, and knew how to be demanding in a professional and appropriate way.

Mr. Cassidy is a great listener who is easy to talk to. He does a great job explaining law jargon, your rights, and your options. Mr. Cassidy makes certain that you know that you are in charge, but also that the two of you will work as a team towards the best resolution for you.

It was reassuring to know that Mr. Cassidy was prepared to represent me until the conclusion of my case, whether that meant over the next few weeks, months, or even years, he was willing to make that commitment to myself and my family.

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Cassidy and his practice to friends, family, and acquaintances. He made me feel comfortable and confident, and was effective in reaching a settlement in a timely manner.”

“Excellent lawyer, very thoughtful, extremely capable and on conscientious.”
A Satisfied Client
“Richard did an exemplary job assisting me with my wrongful termination case. He fought for fairness and my reputation and ultimately we won my case. Now I have my reputation back!”
A Satisfied Client
“Rich really tried to help me but there were too many missing pieces and I sabotaged my own case in a way. Very nice man, very sincere and trustworthy. He was very upfront with me about my case I had every Confidence in his knowledge and ability. Rich is a good lawyer with lots of experience. Hire him!”
Tracey A.
“I contacted Rich for an Employment-employee Attorney on the recommendation from a professional financial advisor. I did not any research prior to contacting Rich. It was not until later after I had my consultation with Rich did I find out that the Hoff Curtiss Firm is one of the best in the states.”
“Attorney Cassidy took my case and kept me well informed along the way until the end. He was very helpful, gave honest assessments of my case and offered wise advice. Richard Cassidy is exceptional. He was very timely, even though he was out of the office, never leaving me in the dark. He is well prepared, knowledgeable and committed to the process. He is trustworthy, caring and tireless. I highly recommend him.”
A Satisfied Client
“Richard Cassidy took our difficult case and kept us well informed along the way until the end. In doing sos he informed us the specifics in how our case was handled never leaving us in the dark.”
“It was great to work with Richard recently on an employment matter. He was very timely (even though he was out of the office), he was able to analyze what was important in the matter efficiently, and he was able to present me with my options in an unbiased and reasoned way. He was also able to convey some of the longer term consequences of my decision on how to proceed. It was all very helpful and I ended up taking all of his advise, including using specific language recommendations. And of coarse, there was a good outcome. M.R.”
“Attorney Cassidy was very helpful and knowledgeable. He gave honest assessments of my case and offered wise advice.”
A Satisfied Client
“Rich was exceptional. I utilized his expertise in dealing with a hostile work environment. He was readily available over several months and the outcome has been positive.”
A Satisfied Client
“This was my first experience utilizing the services of an attorney, and I felt I had no other avenue to pursue due to the hostile conditions in my place of work. I truly felt heard and affirmed, and was willing to heed the guidance I was given, although the suggested strategies put me at some risk. Rich was able to predict the long-range outcome of this process, and it has come to pass as he predicted. During many months, Rich was responsive to all my contacts with him, and I believe I would be in a very different (worse) place without his counsel.”
“Richard is a very talented mediator. I have used him in 3 mediations. He is well prepared, knowledgeable and committed to the process. He is trustworthy and tireless. I highly recommend him.”
“I am a Vermont lawyer. I have retained Mr. Cassidy in two matters – both mediations. He did a terrific job in both matter. Both cases were settled at the mediation. Highly recommended both as a mediator and as an attorney. Rich is a competent guy and a real straight shooter.”
A Satisfied Client
“Used Mr. Cassidy as a mediator in a difficult case and he did an excellent job balancing the issues and personalities to achieve a fair resolution. would recommend him without reservation and will use him again.”
“Rich Cassidy and his associates saved my family and myself from losing our home we had lived in for 15 years at the time. He did not know me, only my story. He was very professional yet his generosity made it feel personal. I will never forget him or what he did for us. Rich also has had a very proud and successful career. I am proud to say I know him and would recommend him to anyone. Congrats on a new endeavor Rich!!!”
Michelle B.
“I had the good fortune to be referred to Rich over 20 years ago and I have been back to use his services on multiple occasions. Whether it was for an employment problem or business disputes, I felt very confident I had the absolute best attorney to represent me. Rich doesn’t blow smoke, he clears the smoke, and he was great to work with every time. Honesty and integrity mean a lot to me and also to him. I highly recommend him, a ten star rating if I could give him that.”
Marv M.
“Rich Cassidy helped me make an important decision by working through the options efficiently. He was personable and frank. I came away from our conference confident in the wisdom of his advice.”
Ann H.

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