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Why Is A Well-Informed Claimant An Insurance Adjusters Nightmare?

  • By: Richard Cassidy
  • Published: May 21, 2018

Why is a well-informed claimant an adjuster’s nightmare? Because adjusters are under pressure from insurance companies to settle fast and settle cheap.

You might want to settle your case fast. But that might not be good. (We will talk more about that later.) You don’t want to settle cheap. You should get a fair value for what you have been through.

Why Adjusters?

Why focus on insurance adjusters? An insurance adjuster is likely the key player who will determine what most injured persons get.

Many claimants don’t hire lawyers. Even if you do, the insurance adjuster’s valuation of the case will matter a lot. Compensation decisions only get taken away from insurance companies where there is a lawsuit and a trial.

Only a few claims lead to lawsuits. Only a few of those lawsuits end up being tried. More than nine out of ten cases will be settled by agreement. The adjuster must be persuaded to pay a fair value for your claim.

Be A Well-Informed Claimant

It is really quite simple. Most insurance adjusters would rather not deal with personal injury claimants who are really well informed. When I say most, I acknowledge that insurance adjusters are people too. Some of them are better than others. But almost all of them work for insurance companies that are absolutely bottom-line oriented.

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