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What Insurance Should Someone Carry In Vermont?

  • By: Richard Cassidy
  • Published: May 21, 2018

Any insurance coverage is better than none. But if you can possibly afford it, don’t just buy the cheapest policy. And don’t just buy the one with clearest advertising.

You want an insurance company that will really try to take care of you in the event of a claim. You want a carrier that will be easy to work if you need to get your car fixed. You want a carrier that will stretch to settle a liability claim against you so that you don’t get sued or worse yet, go to trial.

You have to bring an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim against your own insurance carrier, you want a company that won’t nickel and dime you about the value of your claim.

To Find the Right Company, Do A Little Research

If advertising is not the right way to find the best insurer (and I assure you, it isn’t), what is the right way? Do a little research and see what companies are highly rated by the policyholders. The differences in consumer satisfaction are substantial.

Yes, rates are important. But if you have a claim, you want a carrier that will take care of you. Some do a much better job than others.

Check Out The Mutual Insurance Companies

Mutual insurers are owned by the policyholders. You pay a little more (not really much, 10 to 15% more in most cases), but then in effect you are someone the adjusters want to keep happy.

Years ago, when I represented insurance companies, I was hired to defend an insured for a mutual insurance company. What a difference it was from representing your typical cut-rate insurer. The company got me on the job early, while the evidence was fresh. At the Company’s request, we dove into the claim and quickly realized that it could become a big claim. We settled early.

The claim against the co-defendant (the other driver, who had a cut-rate policy) went on for years and ultimately was tried. Although it was not obligated to do so, the mutual company kept us on the represent it’s insured in his role as a witness at the trial.

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