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The Importance Of Being Prepared

  • By: Richard Cassidy
  • Published: June 21, 2018

If you’re reading this, the odds are that it is because you have already suffered an accidental injury. Yes, it’s too late to take steps to be prepared for that injury, but it’s better to be thinking now about what you might do to avoid or minimize another one than not to think at all.

Be Prepared

Life is unpredictable, and it’s a good idea to be prepared as best we can for that which you don’t expect. Let me give you an example from my personal experience. A few years ago a friend and client invited me out to lunch. I got to the restaurant before him but before long he came in. He sat down and we started to talk. Suddenly, I noticed that his speech was slowing, then it began to be slurred, and finally, it stopped. He started to slump a little to the left and I jumped up and took his shoulder in my hand and prevented him from falling.

I have a little first-aid training in my background and I thought I knew what I was seeing. I thought my friend was having a stroke. I shouted to the server and asked her to call 911. I told her to tell them that my friend was having a stroke and to send an ambulance right away. We were only a few blocks from the fire station and within minutes the EMTs were on the scene. By the time the EMTs arrived, my friend had regained the powers of speech and seem fully conscious again. I described what I had observed to the EMTs, and they took my friend to the hospital by ambulance.

Ultimately, my suspicion that he was having a stroke proved to be correct.

As you may know, early diagnosis and treatment is a key to minimizing or avoiding the damage a stroke altogether.

Get Some Basic First Aid Training

The moral is simple: even basic first aid training is really worth having.

Of course, safety is primarily a matter of common sense. It’s not like anyone can offer you a magic bullet to stay safe. But you can pay attention to it.

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I’m Burlington Vermont personal injury and employment lawyer, Rich Cassidy. Thanks for reading.

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