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The Insurance Adjuster’s Nightmare

  • By: Richard Cassidy
  • Published: February 26, 2018

Every year, thousands of people in Vermont suffer injuries due to the fault of others. If you’re one of them, this is primarily addressed to you in an effort to provide you with useful information about the problems you face.

Particularly if you’re interested in pursuing your claim on your own, you’ll find it useful to keep watching and listening. We intend to give you an overall view of the avenues from which help may be available.

And if you hire a lawyer, this will help you to be an active participant in your case. In my experience, active, involved clients get the best results in the shortest time.

Of course, the options available to you will depend on your circumstances. Factors like how you were injured, what your injuries are, what kinds of help you need, and what resources the person who injured you has, will affect how your claim is resolved.

Why is this the Insurance Adjuster’s Nightmare? Because being well-informed makes you a “nightmare” for the insurance adjuster.

And even if you haven’t been injured, you still might be interested. We will address two things that matter to you.

First, it’s better not to be injured than to be compensated. So we’ll provide you with safety tips to reduce your risk of getting hurt.

Second, everyone is at risk of being injured by negligence. We never know when a drunk driver will veer across the highway and hit a car head-on.

We don’t wish that on anyone. But they say it never rains when you’re carrying an umbrella. Certainly, it is best to be prepared. I’ll explain just what I mean as we go.

If you have a personal injury claim, it is very important that you keep careful track of your recovery. Email us at or call (802) 864-8144 for your free Accident Recovery Journal. It’s yours for the asking without any obligation.

About the Author I have significant experience with litigation and alternative dispute
resolution involving higher education, public education, public safety,
health care, municipalities and manufacturing.

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