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How Do You Pay Your Medical Bills?

  • By: Richard Cassidy
  • Published: November 15, 2018

If another party is at fault for your injuries, eventually that party (or more realistically, the at fault party’s liability insurance carrier), should end up paying your medical bills, and more. But unfortunately as is often the case timing is everything.

It will take time to settle your case, and you need medical treatment now, not eventually.

Most insurance adjusters will use any break in your medical treatment as an argument to reduce your damages, saying in effect, that you would not have taken a break from treatment unless you were well. The adjusters will argue that you returned for more treatment just to pump your medical bills and therefore your settlement, not because you needed care.

So as I have already mentioned, you should get the medical care you need and get it promptly. You need it to recover, and the truth is that when the at fault party’s insurance carrier evaluates the overall value of your claim, there will be direct link between your medical bills and the overall value of your case, including compensation for pain and suffering

You may be saying, that’s fine, but how am I supposed to pay for them before my case is settled? There are two good sources of payment, two pretty good sources and three last resort strategies.

We will tell you about them next time.

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